Christmas Ponies Are the Mane Event at The Place Up Hanley Care Home

12/17/19, 6:00 PM

2019.12.17 - Christmas Ponies Thumb.jpgA pair of Christmas ponies have trotted into a Safe Harbor care home in Stoke-on-Trent for a special animal therapy session.

Residents at The Place Up Hanley care home, located in Bucknall, were treated to the festive event from a specialist company that organises pony visits across the UK.

Lollipop Pony Parties brought along two shetland ponies as part of the visit. Lollipop herself, as well as her friend Tinkerbell, came to meet and greet all the residents, visitors and staff at the home.

Everyone was able to spend time with the tiny horses as they wandered the home. They were also sure to visit all those who wished to remain in their rooms. Some residents even fed them a few bits of carrots, their favourite snack.

Research has proven that animal therapy can bring a lot of benefits to the elderly and people living with Dementia. For those living in a care home, pets and animals can help to reduce anxiety and increase social interaction and physical activity.

Safe Harbor often have events like this happening across the group. Please like our Facebook page to see more of what is going on across all the Safe Harbor care homes this Christmas and new year.

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