Welcome to Safe Harbor Residential Care Homes and Nursing Home

Safe Harbor operate Residential Care Homes in the Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and a Nursing Home in Shropshire - for over 30yrs


Safe Harbor is committed to being at the forefront of providing quality personalised residential, residential dementia, and nursing care: to create a homely environment which respects each individual's independence, protects their status and enables them to achieve as full a life as possible. We aim to achieve this by the continual development of all our staff to satisfy the requirements of the residents and their home. With over 26 years experience, the management of Safe Harbor pride ourselves on offering a highly professional care service for the elderly, with a personal touch. We are pleased to accept guests for long term, short term for convalescence and holiday stays.

Four lovely care homes in Stoke-on-Trent, one in Staffordshire and one in Shropshire

Our care and nursing homes consist of one in Shropshire and five in Staffordshire, including four in Stoke on Trent. Care homes residents benefit from experienced staff and superior facilities. Safe Harbor provides only the best care to residents to suit various needs. Please get in touch today to arrange a viewing at the care home most suitable for your loved one.

When people have worked hard throughout their life and have been committed to helping others, we think they deserve extra cherishing. They need a home where individuality is emphasised, with staff that have time to give attention to small detail, and where they have the choice of enjoying the company of like-minded fellow residents.

The Place up Hanley Care Home is our newest elderly care facility which caters for people with dementia. If you would like to have a look inside our care home please click here. If you would like to find out some more information about our new care facility please email us by clicking this link

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