Meaningful Activities

Specialist activity coordinators are employed and trained to undertake the home’s activity programs here at Safe Harbor.

Our policy on 'Meaningful Activities' takes into account our resident's life history, interests and personality.

We always try to encourage and help residents to pursue their hobbies and interests whatever their physical capabilities.

We offer a wide range of activities designed to encourage residents to keep mobile, stay active, and, most
importantly, take an interest in life. Promoting exercise and activities provides many benefits for resident's health and wellbeing.

View a sample of one of our home's activity calendars by clicking here HERE.

2019.04.25 - Monthly Games Dominoes Thumb.jpgHome Activities

Each home has a variety of activities that resident's can get involved with on a daily basis. Here are some example activities that we have on each day:

  • Painting
  • Clay-making
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bingo
  • Pet Therapy
  • Ball games (Boccia)
  • Going for walks
  • Manicures
  • Hairdressing
  • Games (draughts, scrabble, cards, etc.)
  • Armchair exercises
  • Reading letters/magazines/newspapers
  • Music and sing-a-longs

2019.06.20 - Llandudno Trip Thumb 2.jpgOutings

A variety of days out are organised for our residents throughout the year. We use specialist transport companies so that each and every resident has the opportunity to come along.

Large group days out, as well as shorter trips to local amenities and attractions are always enjoyed by our residents and staff. All of our care homes come together on these trips to meet with with new and familiar faces.

Residents are fully supported by trained staff and volunteers. Families and friends are also encouraged to join us on these trips.

Here are some examples of the places that our homes venture to:

  • Wheelock Hall Farm
  • Blackpool Illuminations
  • Trentham Estate
  • Brindley Farm restaurant
  • Local shopping trips
  • Llandudno
  • Peak Wildlife Park


To see more activities going on across our homes, check out the Safe Harbor Facebook page by clicking HERE.