Food and Nutrition

The Head Chefs at Safe Harbor are responsible for, and take pride in offering a balanced, nutritious diet. We use fresh, quality ingredients, to meet all our residents'
preferences including any specific dietary requirements. Feedback is always welcomed to ensure the needs of residents are being met and to ensure that
menus cover the types of food that residents like.

Every resident is offered a hearty breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea and an evening meal. Safe Harbor uses fresh produce rather than frozen (where
possible) and our menus are assessed for nutritional validation. The menu is varied and changes weekly and the staff will cater for any special dietary requirements you
may have. You will be asked for your meal choice at lunchtime the previous day. If Service Users choose to remain in their own rooms for meals they may do so.

All residents are encouraged to join the community in the dining rooms at mealtimes, however, if you wish your meals can be served in the comfort of your own
room. Our staff are well-trained to ensure residents’ individual needs and preferences are understood and catered for. Feedback is always welcome to ensure
this continues and that menus cover the types of food that residents like.

Along with all our healthy meals we also have fun with themed suppers , such as;

  • Pie and Pint Night
  • Fish Supper Evening
  • Olde World Foods etc

Other special events are our residents' birthdays. These are always celebrated with a birthday cake and a sing song to help make their day even more special.

To ensure that we meet individual needs, we are committed to producing good quality, appetising meals, with the same high standards for those residents who
have smaller appetites but still need an adequate intake of calories and nutrients and for those who have difficulty eating or swallowing food.

To meet these challenges we have produced a variety of innovative solutions, which we believe sets us apart from any other care provider.

Enriched food

Residents who eat only a quarter or half of the food offered could be at risk of losing weight, which can have a detrimental impact on health and well-being. We therefore
enrich food for those who need it to provide the right amount of calories and nutrients into a smaller volume of food.

For example, a small portion of white sauce would provide 18 calories and 1.2 g of protein. Add a teaspoon of double cream, a teaspoon of skimmed milk and 10g of
cheese and the calorie value is increased to 119 and provides 5 g of protein.

Modified textures

About one in three of our residents requires some level of texture modification of their food. This can be to accommodate 'soft diets' where the food is soft enough to
be mashed by a fork but still retains some texture, or a pureed diet, where food has a smooth, even texture and is free from lumps.

At Safe Harbor, we believe that residents requiring texture modified foods can still enjoy the delicious items planned into the days standard menu.

We are able to produce soft or pureed food which allows us to maintain the highest of nutritional, appetising standards for all of our residents. The images below show
meat and vegetables in all 3 stages of texture modification; in it's original form, as a 'soft' diet and finally as a pureed diet. Each stage still looks colourful and appetising
and retains it's true flavour.