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Our care home is known for providing high quality care for all residents, concerning illnesses such as (residential) dementia. Florence House can also offer residential care, short-stay (respite) care, and day care for the elderly . Our care home is also a home that emphasises comfort, serving the wider community within Staffordshire for many years. 

All our 36 bedrooms, living rooms and other communal rooms have been refurbished to a high standard. Florence House residents have their own personal salon within the building, with expertly trained hairdressers on site weekly. All our lovely bedrooms have wall mounted flat screen TV DVDs. Expert carers are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; sometimes carers or family members need a break, and we are happy to accommodate short stay residents which is ideal when a carer is unavailable such as over a holiday period. Florence House care home’s relatively small size and highly trained staff helps to create a friendly little community - Its the ideal place when you have been looking for 'a care home near me'. Each resident is given a tailor-made Personal Care Plan which maximises comfort and happiness within Florence House.

With experience, professionalism, and quality staff, we’re here and ready to look after you or a loved one. 

You can find Florence House Care Home in Porthill, Newcastle-under-Lyme, in Staffordshire.

A Care Home in Staffordshire That Goes The Extra Mile

In Florence House, we simply don’t just provide a building for retired residents and residents experiencing dementia. We highly value the time spent by residents within one of our facilities, and always look to care for our residents physical and mental well being. 

With this, we encourage our residents to stay active - participate in various in-house events, be social and boost their well-being during their stay with us. We have several activities that are led by our expert care staff, and also have a range of amenities that they can enjoy at our Staffordshire care home.

Additional features in each resident’s bedroom

In our 36 bedrooms, we have a variety of features for the comfort of our residents. These amenities include wall-mounted flat-screen TVs, soft and high-quality mattresses and consistent care for cleanliness in each room.

Exterior Features 

To complement the interior design of our care homes, we have also provided an extensive modern design to our outdoor space. This was done by including and maintaining a spacious garden area to allow residents to enjoy fresh air and stretch their legs, as well as modern furniture for added convenience. We have recently completed the re developing and improving on our courtyard area which includes installing new raised plan beds with easy access and hope to soon install a cafe and pub with patio area. 

Outdoor Activities

Activities such as walks, trips to local amenities and sightseeing to attractions like Llandudno, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and other regional attractions are consistently organised for the leisure of our residents. 

We also know that sometimes, going miles away from the comfort of their own home can be detrimental for some, which is why we also take pride in taking our residents to our local attractions in Staffordshire.

What Makes Florence House Care Home The Best Choice?

Florence House Care Home is an ideal choice for those who want assurance for their loved ones. Rest assured; we can provide the perfect care for any resident. 

We ensure that each resident is provided for in their care plan. But, in addition to our plan, we also ensure that our staff is trained, our homes are secure, and more features that add a touch of care for each of our residents.

Trained staff

Florence House specialises in residential and dementia care, which means all of our staff on-site will have both the qualifications and experience ready to provide a gold standard of care to all of our residents.

CQC Registered Manager

Our registered Manager is Julie Peksen J Peksen - care home manager - Florence House - Newcastle-under-Lyme - cropped.jpg

Julie started her career in retail and moved into the Health and Social Care sector where she has worked for over 25 years. Julie initially supported people with Learning Disabilities then moved in a resettlement service working with people who have more complex needs including physical and learning disabilities, She worked her way to become senior and then got a position as manager supporting people within community care services where she managed 3 different services at the same time. 

Julie has also had experience of setting up a service aimed at transition aged individuals supporting them into their own homes to be independent. This service was expanded with Julie’s oversight to include another home which included mental health and learning disabilities. 

Julie has her RMA Level 4 qualification and has ensured all her training is up to date so she has current knowledge required. Julie has more recently transferred her vast experience and skill sets within the care sector to residential care where she has managed Florence House for the past two years within Safe Harbor.

Julie has an open door policy with a leadership style of nurturing and supporting staff to extend skills and knowledge but also support personal growth. Julie empowers staff, relatives and residents to access what they need and adapts services to meet changing needs and aspirations of all. 

 Julie would describe herself as having a calm approach and finding solutions to any challenge that she is faced with. She feels this calm approach supports residents and staff to receive what they need and wish. 

A protected care home in Staffordshire

Our expert carers are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have the appropriate security measures in place and adhere to the Care Quality Commission’s standards to ensure complete peace of mind.

What makes our Staffordshire Care Home different?

Before admission into our care home, we give all potential residents a free health needs assessment to ensure that Florence House is right for them. After approval, we will create a bespoke Personal Care Plan with you, taking into consideration the resident’s individual needs and preferences to make their stay as comfortable as possible.


In Staffordshire, residents are able to enjoy views of beautiful idyllic landscapes. When we go out for trips our residents are able to walk with gorgeous views in an historical county, Staffordshire which is the perfect place for organised walks. 

Ready to Arrange Care in Staffordshire?

With over 30 years of experience in providing quality care for residents in and around the Staffordshire area, choose our care home in Shropshire today. From expert carers to a great range of facilities and activities, you can be sure that our care home in Staffordshire delivers a world-class care experience for all of our residents. 

Get in touch with the Florence House team by calling 01782 637 354 or emailing by clicking here to arrange a FREE health needs assessment now!

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