Our Values

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Here at Safe Harbor, luxury care homes in Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, we ensure that residents are always treated with respect and dignity. Our core values are a reflection on our dedication to our resident’s well-being.’


Teamwork: Shared direction and culture, work together to deliver effective care, support, and treatment. Work in partnership with key organisations, including the local authority, safeguarding teams and clinical commissioning groups and multidisciplinary teams, to support care provision, service development and joined-up care.

Staff appreciation: Recognising and rewarding employee contributions to the workplace. Cooperative, supportive, and appreciative relationships among staff, working collaboratively, share responsibility and resolve conflict quickly and constructively.

We are Inclusive: Equality and diversity, giving equal access to opportunities and resources for people. Organisational commitment and effective action towards ensuring that there is equality and inclusion across the workforce to promoting the safety of our staff.


Assessing / Reviewing Risks: Manage risks appropriately, and to make sure that people are involved in decisions about any risks they may take. Minimise restrictions on people’s freedom, choice and control, in particular for people who lack mental capacity. Risks to people are assessed and their safety monitored and managed so they are supported to stay safe and their freedom is respected.

We Put Actions in Place: (to reduce risks) Sharing learning from lessons and themes identified, and action is taken as a result of reviews and investigations when things go wrong. Action plans are developed, and are they monitored to make sure risks are being managed

We Are Open and Honest: promotion of an open and fair culture in an honest and transparent way. People are protected by a strong, empowering approach to safety and a focus on openness, transparency and learning when things go wrong.


We Listen: Involving people and their family, friends and other carers in their care and support plans, so that they feel consulted, empowered, listened to and valued. People’s concerns and complaints listened and responded to and used to improve the quality of care.

We Review: Reviewing and investigating safety and safeguarding incidents and events when things go wrong. Lessons learned and themes identified, and is action taken as a result of reviews. Innovation is encouraged to achieve sustained improvements in safety and continual reductions in harm.

We Reflect: Welcoming opportunities for learning, development; Managers and staff strive for excellence through consultation, research and reflective practice. People’s environment reflects their individual preferences and culture, and supports their needs in the way they choose.

We Progress: Movement to an improved and developed ourselves and our services.


We Support You: Good quality, consistent support helps the health, wellbeing, and resilience of those we care for and work with.

We Respect You: Care with dignity supports the self-respect of the person, recognising their capacities and ambitions, no to undermine it.

We Care: Involving and treating people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect.


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