At Safe Harbor our homes can accomodate between 34 and 95 residents. Most of our rooms are single rooms though we are able to accommodate couples in one of
our twin rooms.

Social Rooms

In each of our homes there is at least one large lounge area, which is mainly used for activities and functions and a large lounge/dining area. There are
also numerous other small sitting areas for Service Users to entertain their relatives in private.

The Grounds of all our homes are spacious yet cosy and provide the service users and their family and friends with well-maintained gardens with walk ways and
seating areas.

In the case of day-care, this has to be in agreement with the care manager.

Cleaning your room

Your room will be cleaned daily and you may be asked to vacate your room whilst it is cleaned.

If you have any accidents or spillages over the weekend, please do not hesitate to tell a member of staff who will deal with it accordingly.

Personal Laundry

Your clothes will be laundered as and when required. If you have any personal dry cleaning, this can be arranged at a small cost. Please contact the Activities Co-
ordinator who can arrange this for you.

**Please ensure all your clothes are clearly marked with your name**. We have a name labelling machine in the laundry so if you wish your clothes to be labelled,
please see a member of staff.

Bed Linen, towels and face flannels

Your bed linen will be changed weekly or more frequently if required. Bed linen, towels and face cloths are provided and laundered for you.