Our nursing homes offer the 24-hour personal support and accommodation of a residential home with the added benefit of specialist care from qualified nurses.

Nursing care may be more suitable if you have an illness or a disability that requires frequent complex nursing attention. A nursing home will, however, generally charge
higher fees because it offers specialist care by qualified nurses, although there are contributions available to those who qualify, from the NHS.

Safe Harbor will provide:

  • Qualified registered nurses
  • 24-hour expert carewell presented,
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • A full activities programme
  • A freshly-prepared, nutritionally balanced menu
  • Laundry and cleaning services
  • Long and short-term care options
  • Care for those funded by Local Authorities, private funding and NHS
    continuing care
Some of our nursing homes provide specialist care and facilities for specific illnesses and conditions, such as dementia. for people who have had a stroke and
for those who require post-operative or palliative care.

Specialist care staff

Our experienced and highly trained carers and registered nurses are set apart by their empathy and their commitment to providing the highest quality care.

Person-centred care

Our person-centred care approach means that each resident is respected as an individual and treated with dignity. Because each person's needs and preferences
are so different, every resident has their own personal care plan which recognises individual wishes. The personal care plan also documents all aspects of medical
care the resident needs and ensures consistency and continuity of care.