Arranging care at Safe Harbor


Moving in to one of our fabulous care homes

When someone chooses to move to a Safe Harbor Home the home manager or an appropriately qualified staff member will visit them to carry out a free-of-charge personal healthcare needs assessment. This is designed to ensure that we fully understand the individual’s needs and that the home they have chosen is able to fully meet those needs. We welcome and encourage family members to be involved at this early stage.

Only if the home is right for that individual is an offer of residency made. Once an offer has been made and accepted, the home’s professional care team work with the resident and their family and loved ones to create a personalised care and support plan.

This is much more than just a ‘healthcare’ plan, although that is also a very important component. The care plan takes into account a person’s life story and aspirations for the future to create a truly holistic package – reflecting spiritual and intellectual, as well as healthcare, needs.

We very much appreciate the fact that moving into a care home is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. To provide new residents with added peace of mind Safe Harbor offers a ‘Trial Stay’ service of six weeks. This means that if, after two weeks, a new resident decides that they wish to live elsewhere then they are entirely free to do so. There will be no contractual obligation to pay for any additional time at the home.

Of course, we hope that every new resident will be completely happy with their choice and enjoy a long and fulfilling life in their new home, but we feel it is only right to provide everyone with this option and the comfort of knowing that they are free to choose.

Please download our checklist to help you choose which home is right for you.