Short Stay

We are happy to offer short stay (respite) care

We can offer residents a temporary (also known as respite) stay for perhaps a week or two providing a good opportunity for a break for both the carer and the cared for. It
can help to cover periods of time when a carer is unavailable such as holidays or simply provide a change of scenery.

Everyone deserves a break and respite or short stay care can give you exactly that. Safe Harbor provides a safe, comfortable and homely environment with the
reassurance of 24-hour expert care being available.

If you are taking care of somebody, it's important to remember to care for yourself too. It’s easy to allow your own health and well-being to be compromised when your
focus is on looking after someone else. Giving yourself a well-earned break could be a good way of recharging your batteries.

If you are the one in need of permanent care, taking a break from your usual routine and carer can really make a difference. Or if you live independently, short stay care
could give you the temporary help you need whilst recovering from an illness or operation, until you feel well enough to return home.