Aggies Athletes Take the Coveted Trophy at the Monthly Games Tournament

11/26/19, 3:24 PM

2019.11.26 - Monthly Games Dominoes Thumb.jpgResidents from Safe Harbor care homes have recently joined up to take part in the monthly inter-house games tournament.

Hosted at Agnes and Arthur care home in Bradeley, the game this month was traditional dominoes.

The Placemates, from The Place Up Hanley in Bucknall, who were current holders of the trophy, travelled to Agnes and Arthur to defend their title. However, at the end of the day, Aggies Athletes were victorious and took the trophy this month.

Each month our care home residents come together for these types of games, helping them to socialise and to maintain their hobbies and interests. All Safe Harbor residents receive person-centred care and are encouraged to continue with activities that they would normally partake in if they were living independently.

Our care homes also have a wide variety of scheduled activities going on throughout each month. You can like our Facebook page to see upcoming events.

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