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Short Stay and Respite Care, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent

Respite Care Accommodation at Haversham House Care Home


As well as our other services, Haversham House Care Home, Stoke-on-Trent also offers a one and two week respite care service that is focused on offering caregivers and the receivers of care time away from their usual surroundings and provides a fresh set of circumstances.

We believe that the care we give should be the same quality of care that is given to our residents at home, and your loved one is no different. Our caring, hard-working staff are highly trained and experts in looking after people with differing abilities and personalities. Regardless of the level of service that is needed, we will go above and beyond to provide all of our residents with this personal touch.

Maybe you yourself are the receiver of care and will be pleased to know that we make everyone here feel safe, comfortable, and at home. The surroundings are cozy and inviting, and we offer nutritious meals, engaging entertainment, and high levels of care. Haversham House, Stoke-on-Trent has a high reputation because we don’t cut corners.

We take pride in our personalized care plans. Each resident is given the exact care they need. We know everyone is different, and this is how we treat everybody who steps through our door. The best form of care is appropriate and tailored.

Elderly Day Care Accommodation


Many of the residents we see frequently take advantage of our daycare service. This service, centered around residents visiting for short spaces of time, is perfect for carers who are unavailable for certain days, or for residents who are looking for some freedom and a change of scenery but still need the level of care they would ordinarily get at home.

Our daycare residents enjoy their time at Haversham House Care Home. The warm atmosphere, coupled with high-quality food and entertainment means that you, or your family, will thoroughly enjoy the time spent with us. And we, too, enjoy the new company.

The care received during our day service is the same top-quality care as our other services with great staff and purpose-build surroundings for you or your loved one.

Contact us for more information by calling Haversham House on 01782 643676 or email on info@havershamhouse.co.uk

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