Cloverfields Care Home, located in Whitchurch, Shropshire, provides a variety of nursing home-based services such as nursing, residential and palliative care.

Surrounded by beautiful surroundings and natural landscapes, this spacious and welcoming care home features 34 bedrooms for a comfortable and quality stay. Whether it is a short or long term stay, let our qualified and friendly staff look after you or a loved one today.

What Makes Cloverfields Nursing Home in Shropshire Different?

There are a variety of different features we have at Cloverfields Nursing Home that makes our services stand out.

  • Performing a completely free health-needs assessment to understand the individual needs of each resident, depending on their health concerns, dietary requirements, disability requirements and so on.

  • We have our very own Personalised Care Plan, which is in place in order to ensure that the transition into our care home is as comfortable and convenient with the family as possible.

  • We encourage our residents to keep themselves active, engaged with their environment and socialise with other residents - which is facilitated by the range of regular activities, events and social exercises to improve their mental and physical well being - something that is rare within care homes in the UK.

More Than Just a Care Home

Whilst our primary function is to provide you with a safe and secure nursing care home in Shropshire, we also want to ensure that our residents can continue with their normal lives and enjoy a pleasant experience during their stay at Cloverfields. 

Some of the features of our care homes include:

  • Activities such as live music entertainment, days out to local attractions and trips in and out of Shropshire and games
  • Walks and armchair exercises to keep our residents mobile and healthy

  • Meals provided by our expert head chef

  • Communal lounges to encourage socialisation between residents

  • Personal laundry and housekeeping 

  • Patio and garden with seating and a summerhouse so that residents can get some fresh air

  • Many elderly-friendly events and locations to explore nearby in Shropshire!

Caring & Qualified Staff 

As well as having qualified care staff and nurses looking after our residents around the clock, at Cloverfields care home in Shropshire we also specialise in providing care for those with life-threatening illnesses, as well as palliative care. 

Cloverfields care home has been given a ‘Good’ rating by the Care Quality Commission - rest assured that it has been thoroughly assessed to meet all regulations.

Safe & Secure For Your Peace of Mind 


Cloverfields care home in Shropshire is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with care and nursing staff always on hand to look after our residents’ needs at any time. 

As always, our number one priority is the safety of our residents, therefore additional measures such as quality staff are trained extensively to ensure the safety of each resident!



Shropshire, also known as “Salop”, is a historical county located in Western England, and borders on Wales. 


Due to its heavy agricultural space, Shropshire is considered a non-metropolitan county, with various farm animals to be seen by the countryside of Southwestern Uplands and easy walking paths, the natural surroundings provide a beautiful landscape for residents to enjoy on an organised day out!


To find out where we are located, we have provided our address to the right for your convenience.

Ready to Arrange Care in Whitchurch, Shropshire?


With over 30 years of experience in providing quality care for residents in and around the Shropshire region, choose our care home in Shropshire today for a welcoming and holistic stay for you or a loved one.


 Get in touch with the Cloverfield care team on 01948 667 889 to arrange a FREE health needs assessment now!

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